Tuesday, September 14, 2010

About the Book

The Japanese Way of the Artist deals with the principles that underlie most of the traditional Japanese arts, with an emphasis on brush calligraphy, martial arts, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony. How these arts and their underlying principles can lead to personal growth is a central theme in the book. The Japanese Way of the Artist is packed with illustrations and exercises to help you discover mind and body unification, which in turn can help you realize your full potential in daily life as well as in these ancient arts. No prior experience is necessary.

Although the title seems to imply that the book focuses primarily on Asian fine arts, the Japanese definition of art is broader than this and includes active forms of meditation and beauty such as Japanese dance, healing arts, martial arts, and various unique crafts. Universal principles link and underlie all of these disciplines, and the same principles can be used to master the art of living.